On 2014-10-07 07:28, Kai-Uwe Rommel wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to set up a Sogo server for evaluation and/or personal use.
> I have followed the mailing list for quite some time and read the
> manual and FAQs, too.
> What would you recommend as the base OS? I am free in my choice
> and could use any of CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu or OpenSuSE. Probably
> I would feel most familiar with OpenSuSE but would not expect me
> to be helpless :-) with the other Linux variants - except CentOS 7.
> But as far as I can see, I should probably stick with CentOS 6.5
> in case I would select CentOS, right?

There are no official builds for SuSE, and the community builds appear
to have issues with pushing out recent updates (cf. yesterday's thread
by Frank Schneider).

As for the others, no idea, I haven't used SOGo on anything but Debian.
That will probably boil down to personal preference.

> I would prefer graphical or at least menu driven help for setting
> up the OS and the base services (SMTP, IMAP, OpenLDAP, Postgres).
> OpenSuSE has a good tool (Yast) for that purpose. But the other
> OS variants don't have such a powerful tool - or did I miss
> something? Do you have arguments against OpenSuSE for Sogo?

Debian/Ubuntu have a menu-driven configuration framework for some
services like SMTP servers, but that's about it. Everything else is
third-party and not guaranteed to work.

> For the base components ...
> - Cyrus or Dovecot?
> - Postfix or Sendmail?
> Has one significant advantages over the one?

SOGo is fairly agnostic about the mail infrastructure, this will depend
on your other requirements. For testing, Dovecot+Postfix should suffice,
as far as I know.

> Actually, it would be great if I could simply use the ready to
> use Sogo virtual appliance ... but the one available for download
> is SO outdated ...

There haven't been that many user-visible changes since the ZEG's
version, apart from tons of bugfixes. It should be sufficient for

> Thanks for your help!
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