I had asked for a "recommended setup" several weeks ago.
Probably I was not very clear in stating what my goal is.
I wanted to set up a mail server for personal/private use of my family.
Since several weeks/months ago I was evaluating choices for a complete,
free and powerful solution. I came to SOGo because of support for
calendars, webmail and ActiveSync.

Meanwhile I installed a base mail server on CentOS 6.6 with Postfix and 
and a few more tools, integrated/configured SpamAssassin, ClamAV via 
and installed/configured Postgrey.

I would now like to finally add SOGo to this server. My question is:

So far I have no Samba and no OpenLDAP on this server and I am using only 
a few
local Unix user accounts - because I don't need more.

Can I install SOGo now on my server as described above, without 
I would like to avoid Samba and OpenLDAP because I will never need more 
a handful (or two) of user accounts on this server, even if I add a few 
relatives and friends to it.

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