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> Hello i would need help with this pls! I just installed SOGo on TB to
> syncronize my contacts with my webserver.... the syncronization seams
> to be working fine, but the problem is when i delete a contact from
> my webserver, SOGo dosent detect that this contact has been deleted,
> so its not removed from the TB contacts list....But, if i delete the
> contact from TB and manually syncronize de agenda, my server in this
> case YES detects that this contacts has been deleted and is becomes
> removed. Any one of you have had this issue before? what can i do?? 
> Many thanks!

1) Please don't hijack other threads. Your question has absolutely
nothing to do with sieve!

2) Which version of SOGo are you using? V2 or V3?
(I assume here, that with "webserver" you mean your SOGo server.)
Which Thunderbird version on which OS do you use?
Which version of SOGo Connector do you have installed?
Do you use SOGo Integrator?
Which synchronization interval did you set for this remote address book
in Thunderbird?

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