Hello.. I am sorry !!! I didn´t want to hijack this threads.
Anyway my webserver is INFOMANIAK.Them: thuderbird 45.1.1 / SOGo connector 
31.0.3 all instaled on windows 7- 32bits. with 15 minutes periodic sync.
Remember, if a delete de contact from my webserver email (INFOMANIAK), and then 
i refresh the syncronization in TB, the SOGo dosent reconize this deletion and 
the contact is not been removed. 
But, If i do the inverce, i delete de contact first in the TB and make the 
syncronization.... and then I go to my webserver to see if the contact is been 
deleted.... and in this case YES works.
I feel desperate! I installed / deinstalled averthing on two computers.... I 
also instaled SOGo integrator just in case these needs to be instaled but is 
not working.
I look forward for your response.Many thanks.Lucas.

> To: users@sogo.nu
> From: users@sogo.nu
> Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2016 09:43:58 +0200
> Subject: Re: [SOGo] Template for sieve vacation auto-replies
> Am 07.06.2016 um 01:25 schrieb Lucas Fossatto (lucasf...@hotmail.com):
> > Hello i would need help with this pls! I just installed SOGo on TB to
> > syncronize my contacts with my webserver.... the syncronization seams
> > to be working fine, but the problem is when i delete a contact from
> > my webserver, SOGo dosent detect that this contact has been deleted,
> > so its not removed from the TB contacts list....But, if i delete the
> > contact from TB and manually syncronize de agenda, my server in this
> > case YES detects that this contacts has been deleted and is becomes
> > removed. Any one of you have had this issue before? what can i do?? 
> > Many thanks!
> > 
> 1) Please don't hijack other threads. Your question has absolutely
> nothing to do with sieve!
> 2) Which version of SOGo are you using? V2 or V3?
> (I assume here, that with "webserver" you mean your SOGo server.)
> Which Thunderbird version on which OS do you use?
> Which version of SOGo Connector do you have installed?
> Do you use SOGo Integrator?
> Which synchronization interval did you set for this remote address book
> in Thunderbird?
> Kind regards,
> Christian Mack
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