Divyaprakash Y wrote:
Issue: Few packets do not reach the application servlet but tomcat receives 
them. The missing packets reach the HTTP layer and thereafter they disappear.

This issue is not frequent but occasionally consistent. For the POSTs of 
missing packet I am not able to find the entry in localhost_access_log.

How do you know that the packet reaches tomcat if there is no matching entry in 
localhost_access.log? Does all other access appear in this file?

I could see the packet in the wireshark capture and it has reached HTTP layer 
so I thought it has reached Tomcat; I may be wrong here. Also, as far as my 
observation, every hit to the application URLs was getting logged in local 
access log.

And is there anything in the Tomcat error logs ?
(Or the Windows Event logs)

A HTTP request might be discarded by Tomcat for various reasons (*) before it is ever mapped to an application.
In such a case, there is probably also no log of the request in the Access log.
But I would expect some error message in the Tomcat error logs.

(*) Invalid HTTP request, incomplete request, etc..
If there are really packets being lost somewhere, then for POST requests the request size would not match the Content-length header, and that may be one of these cases.

I must say that the "packets lost" hypothesis sound a bit iffy to me.
This is TCP, which should detect missing packets and cause a client connection abort if it was the case. The invalid HTTP request being rejected by Tomcat sounds more probable to me.

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