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On 1/7/14, 5:09 AM, André Warnier wrote:
I do not pretend to know your system, nor your application, nor
that the following is a definite explanation.  But on the base of
the currently available data, I would say : - it is quite unlikely
that Tomcat 7 is randomly "dropping requests". If it was, then I
would imagine that this list would be overflowing with cries for
help. There is quite a bit of traffic on this list related to
Tomcat 7, but I don't recall seeing any significant number of
issues mentioning "dropped requests". - it also doesn't seem, from
your wireshark-related observations, that the requests are being
lost outside of Tomcat. - so I would say at this point, that the
most likely place for requests to disappear is in your own

It seems that Tomcat is not logging the request in its access log, so
it's more likely that the request is either malformed to such an
extent that Tomcat rejects the request altogether or that the request
never reaches Tomcat.

Hi. Of course I am going essentially by what the OP provided earlier as information, and he has not provided much details on the "disappearing" requests themselves, or on the channel through which these requests were reaching Tomcat. But one thing that he did mention, is that these requests are similar - and even in general the same - as other requests which do get processed normally.
As per his own words :

"For the query regarding "All requests", all requests do not disappear. More importantly, sometimes all requests reach the application when I POST same set of requests. To give a rough picture, 1-2 requests fail in a set of 45-50 requests and this behaviour varies [The request which failed in my one test cycle succeeds in another cycle]."

If we take this at face value, then it should not be so that these requests are so malformed that Tomcat discards them without further ado. Also - but maybe I'm wrong there - I would expect, if Tomcat discards a request for being malformed - that something would appear in the Tomcat error log. But according to the OP it doesn't. Finally - and there is a bit of an assumption on my part here - I assume that when the OP says that he sees the request with Wireshark (prior to it "disappearing" in Tomcat), he was running Wireshark on the Tomcat host itself. That would make it unlikely that another external component is at play.

All of the above led me to suspect that something in the application itself may be playing a role here.

Of course, that all does not necessarily prove that some other component than Tomcat is not dropping some packets/requests.

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