Am 13.01.2014 07:22, schrieb Divyaprakash Y:
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Am 09.01.2014 14:21, schrieb Divyaprakash Y:

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Strange that this is happening only to me.
Looks like something similar was reported on the dev list when voting for 
Tomcat 7.0.50 ..

I tried same setup today with the BIO connector, everything worked flawlessly. 
Will there be any issue with the APR connector(earlier setup) or are there any 
extra configurations which I missed in my server.xml?

This might be the issue seen in . Looks like Mark 
fixed it today for 7.0.51 (not released yet)

- Stefan

Thanks Stefan for the information.

Should that(Fix on NIO Connector) fix the possible issue in APR Connector as 

I guess not. But maybe you shoudl 7.0.50 give a try. APR was updated in one of the not released versions after your lastest 7.0.42. Also a minimal testcase would help to check if this is reproducable on other peoples machine (like they did in the bugzilla ticket)

- Stefan

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