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Christopher Schultz wrote:
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On 1/7/14, 5:09 AM, André Warnier wrote:
I do not pretend to know your system, nor your application, nor that
the following is a definite explanation.  But on the base of the
currently available data, I would say : - it is quite unlikely that
Tomcat 7 is randomly "dropping requests". If it was, then I would
imagine that this list would be overflowing with cries for help.
There is quite a bit of traffic on this list related to Tomcat 7, but
I don't recall seeing any significant number of issues mentioning
"dropped requests". - it also doesn't seem, from your
wireshark-related observations, that the requests are being lost
outside of Tomcat. - so I would say at this point, that the most
likely place for requests to disappear is in your own application.

Strange that this is happening only to me.
Looks like something similar was reported on the dev list when voting for Tomcat 7.0.50

I tried same setup today with the BIO connector, everything worked flawlessly. 
Will there be any issue with the APR connector(earlier setup) or are there any 
extra configurations which I missed in my server.xml?

This might be the issue seen in https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=55976 . Looks like Mark fixed it today for 7.0.51 (not released yet)

- Stefan

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