Wrong system clock?

What does the client say? (about the server certificate. Is it valid? Expired?)

David Balažic
Software Engineer

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> Subject: SSL client cert selection dialog not showing up on cloned
> deployment of tomcat 7 for windows x64
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> A colleague was having trouble setting up client cert auth on this web app
> we are developing. He tried the latest tomcat 6 and 7 win32 installs using
> java 6 and 7 SDKs. He was able to bring up the app on HTTPS, launching it
> from eclipse, but even though the SSL connector had clientAuth="want"
> there
> was no client cert request when establishing the SSL connection.
> I had a similar problem before because of an expired self-signed server
> certificate so I sent him my .keystore file with the new cert that I am
> using and he replaced his with mine. Still a no go.
> Then I sent him my own tomcat and eclipse tomcat x64 deployment config
> and
> we switched his runtime to the same as mine (latest Java 8 x64). Same
> problem.
> At this point I don't know what else to try. His setup is exactly the same
> as mine, but I can't get the client auth to work on his.
> Any ideas?
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