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On 1/19/16 6:37 AM, Gael Abadin wrote:
> Thanks for the reply :-)
> I've checked for all that!
> I even ended up copying my tomcat folder and my eclipse tomcat 
> configuration folder from my computer to his,
> So they are literally the same configuration.
> I know the connector configuration is being read because if, for
> example, I remove the .keystore file I get an error. Or if I change
> the port the SSL connector starts listening on that port on
> deployment.
> Also, I made sure we are launching using the same JRE.
> I tried clientAuth="true" instead of "want". And accesing from my
> browser on my computer. Still no client certificate request. Log
> files don't show any errors.
> We even tried to reboot the system ^^'.
> Eclipse versions differ, but I don't see how that could result in
> tomcat not requesting SSL client certs...
> Anyway, since we couldn't find the cause I recommended him to use a
> fresh tomcat 7 install, download the last eclipse-JEE and java SDK,
> using a new workbench, and starting a new project redownloading the
> source files from the repo. It's a little overkill, but that should
> do it...

Is it possible that one of you has added-on for instance the
"unlimited encryption" setting in the JRE and the other has not?

I'm grasping at straws here because it seems like you've looked at all
the usual things that could have gone wrong.

Bad DNS response? (!!?)

- -chris

> 2016-01-19 1:59 GMT+01:00 Christopher Schultz
> <ch...@christopherschultz.net> :
>> Gael,
>> On 1/11/16 11:46 AM, Gael Abadin wrote:
>>> The server certificate is self signed. Appart from the typical
>>> warning we see no errors when we check it.
>>> His system (windows) clock is synchronized using microsoft's
>>> NTP server, same as mine.
>>> This is really weird because I have already delopoyed the same
>>> app and config in two other systems, appart from mine, without
>>> any issues, and
>> his
>>> and mine are basically the same...
>> Run "diff" on the two conf/server.xml files from the two
>> servers? Different conf/context.xml file? How about a 
>> conf/[engine]/[host]/[app].xml file making a difference in one or
>> the other environment?
>> -chris
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