Thanks for the reply :-)

I've checked for all that!

I even ended up copying my tomcat folder and my eclipse tomcat
configuration folder from my computer to his,

So they are literally the same configuration.

I know the connector configuration is being read because if, for example, I
remove the .keystore file I get an error. Or if I change the port the SSL
connector starts listening on that port on deployment.

Also, I made sure we are launching using the same JRE.

I tried clientAuth="true" instead of "want". And accesing from my browser
on my computer. Still no client certificate request. Log files don't show
any errors.

We even tried to reboot the system ^^'.

Eclipse versions differ, but I don't see how that could result in tomcat
not requesting SSL client certs...

Anyway, since we couldn't find the cause I recommended him to use a fresh
tomcat 7 install, download the last eclipse-JEE and java SDK, using a new
workbench, and starting a new project redownloading the source files from
the repo. It's a little overkill, but that should do it...

2016-01-19 1:59 GMT+01:00 Christopher Schultz <>

> Gael,
> On 1/11/16 11:46 AM, Gael Abadin wrote:
> > The server certificate is self signed. Appart from the typical warning we
> > see no errors when we check it.
> >
> > His system (windows) clock is synchronized using microsoft's NTP server,
> > same as mine.
> >
> > This is really weird because I have already delopoyed the same app and
> > config in two other systems, appart from mine, without any issues, and
> his
> > and mine are basically the same...
> Run "diff" on the two conf/server.xml files from the two servers?
> Different conf/context.xml file? How about a
> conf/[engine]/[host]/[app].xml file making a difference in one or the
> other environment?
> -chris
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