On 01.09.2017 22:21, Thomas, Michael wrote:

When using the ISAPI Handler Mapping in IIS 10 on Windows 2016, the IIS logs are not 
identifying the URI Stem (cs-uri-stem) and URI Query (cs-uri-query) as expected.  For 
EVERY request that the handler processes (e.g. .cfm), the cs-uri-stem records an entry as 
"/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll" and the cs-uri-query is always empty.

Environment Details:

*         IIS 10 (Windows 2016)

*         Tomcat

*         Java 1.8.0_131

*         ISAPI Connector 1.2.41

*         ColdFusion 2016

For comparison, we have a similar setup on another box (IIS 8.5 Windows Server 
2012 R2) and the logs are recording as expected.

Any assistance would be great!


If I understand this correctly, the difference between your two setups above is at the Windows/IIS level, not at the tomcat/ISAPI-redirector level.

This may be naive, but isn't this a question then for the Windows/IIS people ?

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