> On 10.05.2017 8:54, Thomas, Michael wrote:
> Unfortunately I am not getting much traction with Microsoft.  From the IIS 
> forum, it looks like they are pointing the finger in the direction of the 
> "third-party" that is writing the module.

That is consistent with my experience with MS support.

> This may be an obvious question but has the team who created the ISAPI module 
> tested it on Windows Server 2016?

Probably not. I took on the release manager role for 1.2.42 and from
memory I was testing with 2008.

>  If so, what do your IIS logs look like?  I can submit anonymized IIS logs if 
> that helps.  I also analyzed IIS trace logs for a request using the ISAPI 
> redirect on both Windows 2016 and Windows 2012 R2.  There are no discernable 
> differences.
> Can anyone confirm the functionality in Windows Server 2016?

I'm setting up a 2016 VM now. I'll report back when I get some results.

I did find this:

which sounds suspiciously similar to your report.

I've tried and failed to find the referenced KB article.

The docs for setting up IIS are rather out of date. Providing some
updated instructions looks like an opportunity to contribute if you (or
anyone else) is interested.


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