On 06/10/17 22:42, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 06/10/17 16:27, Mark Thomas wrote:
>>> On 10.05.2017 8:54, Thomas, Michael wrote:
>>> Unfortunately I am not getting much traction with Microsoft.  From the IIS 
>>> forum, it looks like they are pointing the finger in the direction of the 
>>> "third-party" that is writing the module.
>> That is consistent with my experience with MS support.

Looks like you'll need to go back to MS support.

> I'll look at the IIS API docs next week and see if there is something
> different we should be doing in IIS 10 compared to 8.5 and earlier.

I can't find anything in the IIS API docs that indicates that this has
changed in IIS 10 / Windows Server 2016.

I've added some debug logging and I see the following:

HttpFilterProc gets called with SF_NOTIFY_LOG

The JK code sees the original path [/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll] and
replaces it with the correct one - [/examples/] in my case.

The JK code sees the original [] query string and replaces it with the
correct one - [foo=bar] in my case.

Given that this works as expected in Windows Server 2012 with exactly
the same code AND that no API changes (that I can find) are documented
for IIS 10 AND that debug logging shows that the expected calls are
taking place AND the IIS log is not updated, all the evidence we have at
the moment points squarely to an IIS 10 bug (or possibly an undocumented
IIS 10 API).

Sorry it wasn't better news.


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