2018-07-16 15:55 GMT+03:00 David Cleary <da...@progress.com>:
>> We have a customer who is experiencing a random, 21 second pause when using 
>> out Tomcat
based application server. We believe this may be during a TCP connect and 
timeout. Logging
indicates the pause happens before the request makes it to our back end. It 
mostly happens
when we create an initial logical connection, but we have also seen it 
elsewhere where we
believe the TCP Keep alive was expired and a new socket had to be established. 
However, I
do not know this and am hoping there is some logging I can turn on in the NIO 
connector to
collect more data. I tried turning on logging in the Endpoint class, but that 
did not provide
anything useful. There is a NAT firewall between the client and server, so I'm 
looking for
some TCP level logging that could point me in the proper direction.

>Tomcat version = ?

Sorry. Tomcat 8.5.27.



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