On 16.07.2018 16:35, David Cleary wrote:
2018-07-16 15:55 GMT+03:00 David Cleary <da...@progress.com>:
We have a customer who is experiencing a random, 21 second pause when using out 
based application server. We believe this may be during a TCP connect and 
timeout. Logging
indicates the pause happens before the request makes it to our back end.

Logging where then ?

 It mostly happens
when we create an initial logical connection, but we have also seen it 
elsewhere where we
believe the TCP Keep alive was expired and a new socket had to be established. 
However, I
do not know this and am hoping there is some logging I can turn on in the NIO 
connector to
collect more data. I tried turning on logging in the Endpoint class, but that 
did not provide
anything useful.

If the connection request does not even reach the Tomcat back-end, that is also unlikely to provide much information. (Not being facetious here, just stating a fact).
Can you do a "netstat" command on your Tomcat server when this happens ?
If yes, maybe some part of the output would provide some information from the TCP level (such as a high number of connections, to the Tomcat NIO port, in some specific TCP state e.g.)

 There is a NAT firewall between the client and server, so I'm looking for
some TCP level logging that could point me in the proper direction.

Tomcat version = ?

Sorry. Tomcat 8.5.27.

And on which kind of O.S. is this happening ?

Also maybe another question : is this happening on a Tomcat server which is dedicated to that particular customer ? or is the Tomcat server shared between different customers, and only that particular customer experiences these delays ?

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