Thanks for the feedback. I was confident all along this wasn't a Tomcat issue, 
and I believe we identified the culprit as the firewall. I was looking for 
logging that would show the socket behavior (accept, close, etc.) to show that 
as far as Tomcat was concerned, the delay was happening before it got there. 
Anyways, we were able to do some testing without the particular firewall they 
were using and the results were encouraging. Will be a few days of testing 
before they try it on their production system to confirm it, but so far, so 


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David? Are you still needing help with this? Your answers to what I ask may 
help us get you to a solution.


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Going back to David's original note, you wrote, " We have a customer who is 
experiencing a random, 21 second pause when using out Tomcat based application 
server. We believe this may be during a TCP connect and timeout. Logging 
indicates the pause happens before the request makes it to our back end."

Can you clarify what you mean by the "back end" here? 

Since you say it's a pause "when using" Tomcat, I can't tell if you're saying 
Tomcat IS the backend, or instead if the request hangs WHILE running in Tomcat 
but doesn't reach some other "backend" that the Tomcat-based app should then 
talk to. You did refer in a later note to a "backend agent log", so I'm 
inclined to think it's the latter.

In that case, it seems you are wondering (in one note) whether the request 
might be hung up in the connector (getting TO Tomcat). 

But do you know for sure whether the request is actually running IN Tomcat? You 
could use any of various JVM or Tomcat monitoring tools to know a) if the 
request reaches Tomcat, b) if it is hanging while running there, and then c) 
just WHAT the request is hanging and waiting for (which could well be that 
"other backend" the app needs to talk to). 

But before elaborating on approaches, I wanted to ask what you may or may not 
know in regard to the above, first. :-)


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