On 31/07/2019 12:48, Potgieter, Carlo wrote:
> I was hoping to obtain some assistance. We have used a library to convert MS 
> Office documents (docx and pptx) to PDF.
> This works perfectly in the development environment and also when running 
> Tomcat in a console window.
> The moment we run Tomcat as a service this specific component gives and 
> error. Unfortunately the error is non-specific so we cannot troubleshoot the 
> origin.
> My question is, what would be the difference in running Tomcat as a Service 
> as oppose to running it in Console that might cause this problem?

Tomcat runs as a different user with different access permissions, particularly 
to network shares.

You probably want to set up a Tomcat specific user with the appropriate 


Thank you Mark for the quick response.

My first thought was permissions also, however I have attempted to run it with 
local, domain and system user, however the same result.

Both local and domain user was part of the local admin group. Is there anything 
else I can check?


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