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I was hoping to obtain some assistance. We have used a library to convert MS 
Office documents (docx and pptx) to PDF.

This works perfectly in the development environment and also when running 
Tomcat in a console window.

The moment we run Tomcat as a service this specific component gives and error. 
Unfortunately the error is non-specific so we cannot troubleshoot the origin.

My question is, what would be the difference in running Tomcat as a Service as 
oppose to running it in Console that might cause this problem?

Tomcat runs as a different user with different access permissions, particularly 
to network shares.

You probably want to set up a Tomcat specific user with the appropriate 


Thank you Mark for the quick response.

My first thought was permissions also, however I have attempted to run it with 
local, domain and system user, however the same result.

Both local and domain user was part of the local admin group. Is there anything 
else I can check?

Are you sure the DDL is being loaded? That normally needs explicit
configuration to point the JVM at the right path.

Look at the docs for for
org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener and configure it to
dump everything. Then compare the console start with the service start.

What is also different when Tomcat runs as a Service or in a console, is where 
the JVM that runs tomcat, picks up its environment and command-line switches.
If you are not familiar with this matter, this may help :
verbose explanation :
Official page :

(Perhaps the application expects some value to be set somewhere..)

Also, above you mention "Unfortunately the error is non-specific..", but maybe 
you want to copy the error message here, so that someone else can have a look at it ?
Maybe it triggers some recognition by another user having had the same issue 
with that library.

Quickly answering both posts from Mark and Andrei:

Mark: Yes, the DLL is being loaded. There is error handling in place should it 
be unsuccessful in accessing any of the components.
I also compared the output of the VersionLoggerListners:
When running as a service and executing the Tomcat8.exe from cmd the 
information is the same, however the functionality only works when the .exe is 
run from cmd.
When using the Startup.bat script to start the server there are three less 
entries and one extra:

Entries not included:
31-Jul-2019 19:34:37.398 INFO [main]
org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log Command line
argument: exit
31-Jul-2019 19:34:37.399 INFO [main]
org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log Command line
argument: -Xms128m
31-Jul-2019 19:34:37.399 INFO [main]
org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log Command line
argument: -Xmx256m

Entry included but not in the other two:
31-Jul-2019 19:37:11.434 INFO [main]
org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log Command line
argument: -Djdk.tls.ephemeralDHKeySize=2048

Again using this method to run the server allows the functionality to work.

Andre: From what I could see, everything is loaded the same as all of them uses 
the sae JVM. Unless I missed something...which is entirely possible.
The zeonpadpdf we are using consists of 3 components, 2 .jar's and 1
.dll. zeonpadpdf.jar, jacob-1.18.jar, jacob-1.18-x64.dll The error we are receiving 
states: "Conversion error" and is generated from the zeonpadpdf.jar which 
handles the conversion from .docx to pdf.
This is also the error in the stack trace which doesn't provide much more 
Based on what I could find in the zeonpadpdf.jar this is generic error message.

Hope that gives some more context.

1) I remember (from some time ago) that in the Services control panel, there was an 
option when defining a Service, like "Allow this service to interact with the 
If you find it, you may want to set it, and then just redo your test.
That is based on the fact that when you run a Service, normally that task does 
not have a console, while when you run a program in a console window (of 
course) it does.
That may make the difference if somewhere along the line, one of the components 
that you use requires something like .. a console.
Note that setting this may result in some console popping up unexpectedly on 
your server machine while a conversion is running. But at least you'll find out 
if this is the problem.

2) this is a bit more delicate, and I'm doing some guessing.
As I understand from some browsing for "jacob" and "zeonpadpdf", these things 
work in fact by leveraging at the end some Microsoft Office components pre-installed on the machine 
on which you run your Tomcat application.
And if you want to do do this in Tomcat, then maybe the application in question 
will be used through a web interface, for several users.
I also remember - from some experience a while ago - that somewhere in the 
Microsoft Office API interface description, it mentions that Microsoft Office 
components are not meant to be used in such a context, and that in any case, 
should you want to use this on a server, special Microsoft licensing conditions 
may apply.
The current conditions may have changed.
But what I'm saying is that if this is anything else than some exploratory 
project, you may want to be careful as to what you're getting into (even if you 
do not intend to charge anyone for the result).
Disclaimer : I have no professional or commercial links with Microsoft.

There exist other software packages which convert .docx documents to PDF, some 
of them open-source, others with a commercial license, but which do not use any 
MS Office components.
One commercial entity of which I know that they do extensive PDF-related things 
can be found here : https://www.pdf-tools.com/pdf20/en/home/
You may want to consult them, letting them know exactly what you have in mind.
2d disclaimer : I don't work for them either, but I am a (satisfied) customer.

1) I have enabled the "Allow this service to interact with the desktop" in the 
service to no avail. It still provided the same error.

2) Regarding the Microsoft API usage, I was not aware that different licencing 
conditions may apply. In all instances we are using a standard enterprise 
installation of office on the local dev, testing and production environments. 
This is something which I tried to avoid, however with this framework was 
unavoidable. (Ideal would have been to have it utilise the office installation 
client side however it does not make provision for this which I can understand)
The users are accessing this through a web interface. The process is quite 
simple, they browse for the document (either Word or PowerPoint) and then 
upload. Then there is an option to preview the document which then generates 
the PDF version. It is at this point that it fails.

I am enquiring as to pricing etc on your suggestion above. It seems that it 
could also fulfil our requirement, however need to understand this commercially 

 From what I can see and due to the generic error message, there is very little 
we can do in terms of pinpointing where it is failing.

I did look at some description of the API for "zeonpadpdf", and there did not seem to be any options there to increase the logging level or similar. I did not look at "jacob" per se, but maybe there is something there that would allow to see the original exception, if any.

I will have to start digging for alternatives.

PS: I wrote the above a bit earlier and whilst digging for an alternative 
installed an SDK of another converter. Once installed, our components also 
works, so I am thinking this issue most likely relates to how the .dll is 
registered and whether there might be additional configuration required on 
The new SDK also uses the Jacob.jar and Jacob.dll

.. which means that it probably uses the same Microsoft Office pre-installed 

In my experience, the providers/developers of such packages are often very "shy" about talking about licenses that may be required to use proprietary software (in this case MS). It is understandable in a way (avoid lawyer fees etc.), but one often finds this out only after expending already considerable time and work on the interface package (like you in this case). That was the motivation for my above warning. Considering your email address, I have little doubt that you could ask for advice in-house, about exactly what your corporate license allows.
Beter safe than sorry.

Thank you for the assistance!

On the more general side, I believe that the information so far seems to indicate that your issue is not really a tomcat issue, but more something to do with details of Microsoft Windows Services, and of the external libraries which you are using in your application. A better place for you to get help with this in the future, may be obtained from these external respective support forums. Not that we want to get rid of you, and we're always please to help with anything regarding tomcat, but the expertise available here may not be what you need now.

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