On 6/19/20 1:24 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:

My guess is that the system-property-setting part of catalina.sh (or
some other script) is getting fouled-up. What script(s) are you
running to start Tomcat?

Remember, we're talking about IBM Midrange systems, not *nix. So bash is entirely unknown to the OS; instead, startup.sh calls catalina.sh, with everything running under "QShell," a Linux-like front-end that was provided with Java.

If it's just catalina.sh, try running it like this:

$ bash -x $CATALINA_HOME/bin/catalina.sh

This will echo every command run to the console before running it,
including all expanded arguments and all that stuff. Most likely, the
last command run will (a) be the one which is interesting and (b) will
be clear from the command what went wrong.

Unfortunately, QShell doesn't appear to have anyplace to put "-x" as a parameter.

But it does appear to support "set -x" at the QShell command line. If I do that, then I get:
|    $
|  > set -x
|    +  set -x
|    $
|  > catalina.sh
|    +  catalina.sh
|    *-D
|    $

PS You really are a magnet for weird problems with Tomcat, aren't you?

Well, it comes with the territory of running Tomcat on AS/400s, I suppose. I'm thinking I should bring in the Java list over at Midrange.com as well.


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