On Fri, Jun 19, 2020, 15:33 James H. H. Lampert <jam...@touchtonecorp.com>

> On 6/19/20 1:26 PM, calder wrote:
> > a) are both Tomcat instances installed on that same server?
> Yes
> > b) if yes, is the 7.0.93 instance running when you launch the 7.0.104
> > instance?
> No.
> We've done this procedure before: installing a new version, doing the
> setup in the new version, then shutting down the old version, renaming
> both the old and the new versions (so things are where they're expected
> to be), and starting up.


a) it's worth asking the obvious ... are the file permissions correct for
the new TCp installation, i.e , such as read/write in "logs" subdir and
execute permissions for the TC scripts?

b) are you using the same Java instance for both TC's ?

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