On 6/19/20 2:27 PM, calder wrote:

a) it's worth asking the obvious ... are the file permissions correct for
the new TCp installation, i.e , such as read/write in "logs" subdir and
execute permissions for the TC scripts?

Unless something weird is going on with the apache-tomcat-7.0.104.zip file, it appears that all the authorities match between old and new versions.

b) are you using the same Java instance for both TC's ?

Normally, for native-command-line launches, or launches from native CL programs (like shell scripts, only compiled), we have a CL program ("STRTOMCAT") that does a fair amount of advance setup, selects the first available JVM from a preference list, and then QShell's out startup.sh as a batch job. This CL program expects Tomcat to be in a particular place in the file system, in a directory called "tomcat." So to switch to a new Tomcat server, I shut the current one down, rename the current "tomcat" directory to something else (e.g., "tomcat93"), and rename the "apache-tomcat-7.0.104" directory to "tomcat" before starting it with STRTOMCAT.

So it would *have* to be the same JVM, because that's explicitly selected by the STRTOMCAT CL program.


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