On 6/19/20 3:20 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:

Hmm. I'm now looking through the entire catalina.sh script in both versions. (First, I looked through the startup.sh script; that appears to be identical in both versions.)

First thing I noticed was that a few new environment variables were listed in the documentation section at the top.

Second thing I noticed was the section beginning
# Ensure that neither CATALINA_HOME nor CATALINA_BASE contains a colon

Third thing I noticed was in the secetion marked "Bugzilla 37848 . . ."
if [ "`tty`" != "not a tty" ]; then

if [ -t 0 ]; then

Fourth thing I noticed was the section marked
# Check for the deprecated LOGGING_CONFIG

This looks an awful lot like what's in the Bugzilla page. And I see that it is "Fixed in . . . 7.0.105 onwards."

But the download page for 7 is still at 7.0.104.


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