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> - For some reason, the people at Ubuntu/Debian/Linux decided that Tomcat's
>> log should be found inside syslog, instead of staying independent inside
>> "catalina.out". Why is that? I don't know and I don't like it!
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> Sorry - don't have a specific answer for your Ubuntu implementation.
> .
> However, this is one reason we do not use "distro-specific" Tomcat
> installations (to include implementations of WebSphere and WebLogic).
> .
> For example, we grab the plain vanilla Tomcat ZIP and extract it to "/opt/"
> (as in "/opt/tomcat/") - we now have complete control over its
> configuration and runtime instantiation.


Also it is far better to use a logging framework than writing directly to 
System.out as you have more control over when and where the logs are written. 
You can use java.util.logging (juli) directly or even a facade like SLF4j and 
then use whatever implementation you like behind it. The advantage of the 
facade is that the implementation (logback, log4j, juli) can be changed with 
configuration and a new jar instead of code changes everywhere you write to the 

With either method you can write logs at different levels (trace, debug, info, 
warn error - juli does use different names though, same idea) and turn them 
on/off in configuration and even dynamically.

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