Le 22/06/2020 à 10:44, calder a écrit :

> However, this is one reason we do not use "distro-specific" Tomcat
> installations (to include implementations of WebSphere and WebLogic).
> .
> For example, we grab the plain vanilla Tomcat ZIP and extract it to "/opt/"
> (as in "/opt/tomcat/") - we now have complete control over its
> configuration and runtime instantiation.

This is a valid strategy, but you miss the tight integration with the
system that comes out of the box with a distro specific package (proper
system service, started on boot, restarted on crashes, run by a non
privileged user allowed to bind to ports below 1024, sandboxed, with
logs in a consistent location). And you are still able to override some
aspects of the default configuration you might not like.

Emmanuel Bourg

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