On 26/06/2021 03:58, Eric Robinson wrote:
We can run 75 to 125 instances of tomcat on a single Linux server with 12 cores 
and 128GB RAM. It works great. CPU is around 25%, our JVMs are not throwing 
OOMEs, iowait is minimal, and network traffic is about 30Mbps. We're happy with 
the results.

Now we're upping the ante. We have a 48-core server with 1TB RAM, and we're 
planning to run 600+ tomcat instances on it simultaneously. What caveats or 
pitfalls should we watch out for? Are there any hard limits that would prevent 
this from working as expected?

Nothing comes to mind from a Tomcat perspective. If there was going to be an issue, it would be with the OS or the hardware and you look to have thought all of that through. File limits are the only thing you didn't mention that I'd want to keep an eye on.

Changing topic slightly, if there are changes we could make to Tomcat that would it easier to run and manage that many instances do let us know. We'd be happy to consider them.


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