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Eric and Mark

Just curious...

Eric> We can run 75 to 125 instances of tomcat on a single Linux server

Eric, Do you have or need a centralized way of managing all those instances?

Hi Cris and Mark,

We have about 1500 instances of tomcat (750 load-balanced virtual services 
across 20 physical servers). We currently manage the environment with scripts. 
Due to the simplicity and consistency of our internal deployment standards, it 
works well and is pretty easy to manage on an instance-by-instance basis, but a 
web console where we can see the environment as a whole, or filter on portions 
of it, would be amazing!

A few years ago, a team from Cerner health came to ApacheCon and introduced their product called Jwala that was intended to do this kind of thing. You can find their presentation slides and video linked from the Tomcat presentations page:

The product appears to have undergone very little development in the past 4 years: it looks like they dropped it on GitHub and mostly forgot about it.


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