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Hi Chris -
Sorry I was extremely clear.  My config has each customer in a separate service 
structure, so each get his own set of connectors (IPs).  Yes, I am unable to 
get a response on this specific IP/port combo.  All other connectors were 
responding and all of those apps were working fine, from what I could tell.  
The Tomcat Manager only showed 4 sessions for this host when I started, and 
that eventually dropped to 1, but I could never get a response from the app.
After a restart, I did a connect, and immediately had 7 threads start up and 
apparently end in the same state (at least it looks the same in jconsole).  I 
was able to navigate the app and never had the thread count increase.  Every 
check on the thread states showed the same, though the Total blocked/Total 
Waited counters keep increasing.
The really interesting thing is that over more than an hour with virtually no 
traffic, should not some of the threads started shutting down?

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On 4/13/2010 10:44 AM, Jeffrey Janner wrote:
> I had a connector go from minimal connections (restart) to all threads
> hung overnight.
> The current thread dump shows the threads as follows:
> "http-" daemon prio=6 tid=0x66793800 nid=0xe43c in
> Object.wait() [0x7063f000]
>    java.lang.Thread.State: WAITING (on object monitor)
>                 at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)
>                 - waiting on <0x1a924f00> (a
> org.apache.tomcat.util.net.AprEndpoint$Worker)

I'm pretty sure these threads are considered idle. Are you able to make
a request on port 443 and have it serviced?

> Other connectors are running OK, though some also show
> threads in the same state.  All other threads look normal.  This has one
> customer's app hung, but others in the Tomcat instance are working just
> fine.  Any help on where to start looking here?

The connectors are global for the entire app server, so if any webapps
are accessible, they should all be accessible (unless this is the only
webapp that requires SSL, in which case a dead SSL connector would
certainly affect only that one webapp).

- -chris
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