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On 4/13/2010 12:10 PM, Jeffrey Janner wrote:
> Sorry I was extremely clear.  My config has each customer in a 
> separate service structure, so each get his own set of connectors 
> (IPs).


> Yes, I am unable to get a response on this specific IP/port combo.

That's not good. Do you get a connection refused, or do you get a timeout?

> The Tomcat Manager only showed 4 sessions for this host when I 
> started, and that eventually dropped to 1, but I could never get a 
> response from the app.

Note that lots of requests can be services without a session being
created (depending on your webapp).

> After a restart, I did a connect, and immediately had 7 threads
> start up and apparently end in the same state (at least it looks the
> same in jconsole).

The state of the threads in your thread dump is normal: WAITING means
blocked on a monitor (i.e. Object.wait). Those threads are waiting to be
notified by the acceptor thread that a request has been made and is
ready for processing.

> I was able to navigate the app and never had the thread count
> increase.  Every check on the thread states showed the same, though
> the Total blocked/Total Waited counters keep increasing.

That's strange.

> The really interesting thing is that over more than an hour with 
> virtually no traffic, should not some of the threads started
> shutting down?

Read Filip's post about using an <Executor> to remove unnsed threads:
the standard <Connector>-based thread pooling will never remove threads,
even though it looks like they will based upon the configuration of the
<Connector>. <Executor>s are much better for resource management.

I'm still concerned that you are unable to get a request through to the
connector. Can you double-check that you haven't grabbed the wrong
section of the thread dump?

- -chris
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