Ok I appreciatethis big help. I am expecting a small amount of users though so does that mean that a datasource realm may be overkill? I am not implying that this is what was being said earlier, just trying to learn more. I have noticed though that forum posters seem to assume a lot at times, an example was that I need to learn maven which itself was a good headsup although I am familiar with it already. The sad thing is that with sun/oracle transition maven documentation is rotten and many of the plugins need a revamp, especially ones for full stack jee severs I learnt a little start of this year and everything was too fresh (jboss 6 not even released yet or is it?) or was very outdated for me as I started Java when JSE 6 was released so have little interest in knowing how to use maven in legacy systems unless I get employment in enterprise(hopefuly soon), Java is in a mess st the moment with no news on JSE7 and very little info from Oracle. I took it as a blessing in disguise an started getting to know JSF and hibernate and other stuff.

PS can anyone confirm that there is firefox bug when selecting a different locale for i8n testing? I am able only to change locale few times.
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Yucca Nel,

On 6/2/2010 8:27 PM, yucca...@live.co.za wrote:
There was  a question as to why I am using a realm and application
based realm and I have no idea howcome people think I am not using only
tomcat realm?

It's not that we think you're using a non-Tomcat Realm: it's that we
think you're using the /wrong/ Tomcat Realm.

See... JDBCRealm uses its own set of credentials to connect to the
database and uses a single Connection object, requiring lots of
synchronization to protect that shared resource. Basically, it's not
appropriate for production because of those two facts. Instead, we're
suggesting that you set up a DataSource and then use a DataSourceRealm
which will use a connection-per-authentication-attempt and is much more

hibernate is not doing any security related stuff other than persisiting
new users and thier credentials to mysql. Tomcat is only managing
security and hibernate everything else... Hope this clears up
discussion. :)

Is hibernate using a Tomcat-created DataSource? If not, you're making
your life harder by placing database connection configuration in several
places instead of just one.

- -chris
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