I think it all depends what you need your Realm to manage.

In this instance (single application on Tomcat), then it probably doesn't 
matter if the Realm sits at the application, Host, or Engine level. 

Like you've pointed out before it's nice to have a self-contained application 
with all of the database configurations in one spot. Having some database 
configurations in META-INF/context.xml, and others in Tomcat's server.xml seems 
to be a maintenance / migration challenge waiting to happen.

If you have multiple applications using the same Realm information, then it 
might make sense to move the Realm to a Host or Engine level. However I cannot 
think of a good use case off the top of my head to potentially run multiple 
hosts under one Engine with the same authentication Realm . . . .

Maybe a better place to document all of this and some use case scenarios would 
be the Wiki. Since I'm thinking about this, I'll see what I can cobble up in 
the next few days.

Thanks for the comments . . . .


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> Mark,
> Yes, but honestly, I'd put the <Resource> and
> <Realm. configuration into
> my webapp's META-INF/context.xml file (which requires that
> localDataSource="true" be set on the <Realm>, btw).


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