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Yucca Nel,

On 6/3/2010 3:41 AM, yucca...@live.co.za wrote:
> Ok I appreciatethis big help. I am expecting a small amount of users 
> though so does that mean that a datasource realm may be overkill? I
> am not implying that this is what was being said earlier, just trying
> to learn more.

You'll want to use a DataSource for your app's db communication, anyway,
so why not use that same DataSource for your Realm? The reality is that
the JDBCRealm is not good. Use it at your own risk.

> The sad thing is that with sun/oracle transition maven documentation
> is rotten and many of the plugins need a revamp

Maven is an Apache project, not an Oracle/Sun project. If you have a
complaint about the Apache Maven documentation, might I suggest that you
talk to their community about it? Things only improve when users give
feedback and/or contribute to those efforts.

> Java is in a mess st the moment with no news on JSE7 and very little 
> info from Oracle. I took it as a blessing in disguise an started
> getting to know JSF and hibernate and other stuff.

It's not like it's a waste to learn Java 6 when Java 7 is coming out:
it's all backward-compatible (unless otherwise noted). Don't worry about
the release schedule for Java 7 unless you are dying to have some
certain functionality that only ships with that version.

> PS can anyone confirm that there is firefox bug when selecting a 
> different locale for i8n testing? I am able only to change locale
> few times.

I have never had any problem changing ff's locale.

- -chris
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