On 3/10/08, Igor Vaynberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> i dont think something like this should go into core. it seems pretty
>  clear from this thread that there are very many ways to do this and
>  each project will use their own. what you have proposed seems trivial
>  to construct, so for projects that want to use it its a nobrainer. i
>  think things that go into core should at least satisfy the majority of
>  common usecases or be at least of moderate complexity. if we start
>  putting every trivial thing like this into core we will end up with a
>  huge surface area - at which point you have to start thinking of the
>  find/build tradeoff - is it easier to find something that does what i
>  want in core or simply roll my own which will only take fifteen
>  minutes...

Okay, suit yourself, but I was actually quite surprised that this
wasn't included in the core.  This seems like a common enough
requirement that a certain field in a form should receive the focus
when the page loads.

p.s. I might change the name to FocusOnLoadBehavior, though.  That
seems more descriptive.

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