We have this discussion with each major release of Wicket, and each
time there are 100 ways to skin the cat. We want not only to minimize
the surface area, but also the number of requests to alter the
behavior of existing functionality. If we implement method X, then
sure enough someone comes along and wants method Y because that is his
usecase, then someone wants method Z etc. In this case there won't be
a convergence to a single usecase.


On 3/11/08, James Carman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 3/10/08, Igor Vaynberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  > i dont think something like this should go into core. it seems pretty
>  >  clear from this thread that there are very many ways to do this and
>  >  each project will use their own. what you have proposed seems trivial
>  >  to construct, so for projects that want to use it its a nobrainer. i
>  >  think things that go into core should at least satisfy the majority of
>  >  common usecases or be at least of moderate complexity. if we start
>  >  putting every trivial thing like this into core we will end up with a
>  >  huge surface area - at which point you have to start thinking of the
>  >  find/build tradeoff - is it easier to find something that does what i
>  >  want in core or simply roll my own which will only take fifteen
>  >  minutes...
> Okay, suit yourself, but I was actually quite surprised that this
>  wasn't included in the core.  This seems like a common enough
>  requirement that a certain field in a form should receive the focus
>  when the page loads.
>  p.s. I might change the name to FocusOnLoadBehavior, though.  That
>  seems more descriptive.
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