Hi Curtis

You cant really compare wicket against Grails, Wicket is not a full stack framework (Wicket is only a webframework).. And actually Grails can run with wicket too[1]... Or are you saying that dynamic languages are better than type safety? Not that I want to start a religious war though, im not that well wandered in neither Grails, Rails etc to know whats better or not..

I guess what you are saying are that the Spring plus hibernate combo could be better..? There are a lot of alternatives to that combo.. Or is it that Grails has better templating support?

Anyhow what I am seeing are that Wicket are always the least of my troubles, it's always something else and usually it's not Spring either so that only leaves the ORM as trouble maker, or is it the programmet :) On larger projects you kind of develop your own framework (with Wicket+.*) for the business logic and when you get there speed really picks up.


Curtis Cooley wrote:
Martin Sachs wrote:
<p>I'm looking for a little comparison of the development-time for
Applications in Wicket against other Technologies. </p>
I think the development with Wicket is two times faster than Struts. But
what are your experiences on JSF, Rails/Grails, SpringMVC/SpringWebFlow.
Anyone you know the development-time from experience ?

(P.S.: The applications must use AJAX and many custom components or tags
in JSP, not just a hello world sample)

I built a small database driven application in about 4 days using Grails
then my boss freaked about using a "4GL" and made me rewrite it in
Wicket. That took me about 3 weeks.

Now, I started at 0 with both frameworks and used
Wicket+Spring+Hibernate which I got Spring and Hibernate wiring for free
with Grails. My Spring and Hibernate experience was 0, so grails really
pulled through in that area. I also have experience with Ruby and Rails
which helped with the Grails work, but I'd also built a few (4-5) Wicket
pages for another app, so I think that about balances starting points.

My really rough guess is that I'd be 50 to 75 percent more effective in
Grails than Wicket now that I know what I learned during the three weeks
of Wicket work.

If I had my druthers, I'd build our app using Grails. I much prefer
Groovy/Ruby to Java, and I've been writing Java since 1.1!

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