I think it depends on several things:

 - How complex is your UI?
 - How good are you with objects?
 - How many reusable pieces do you have from old Wicket projects?

On a very complex project where I can reuse old code, I think I can get as
much as 4-5x over something like Struts (which, I admittedly have never
used, but do roughly understand). That means that on the right project I
think I could out-code a small team of Struts programmers (and I think the
other core devs and a lot of others on this list could do similarly). 

I've been wondering for a while how one might be able to arbitrage this
advantage in the markets for web development. In theory, if you really can
get 4-5x leverage against the right set of requirements and you produce
something that is also highly maintainable, it would be a bargain to the
client to pay 2-3x $/hr because the total cost would be lower.

Martin Sachs wrote:
> <p>I'm looking for a little comparison of the development-time for
> Applications in Wicket against other Technologies. </p>
> <p>
> I think the development with Wicket is two times faster than Struts. But
> what are your experiences on JSF, Rails/Grails, SpringMVC/SpringWebFlow.
> </p>
> Anyone you know the development-time from experience ?
> <br>
> (P.S.: The applications must use AJAX and many custom components or tags
> in JSP, not just a hello world sample)

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