I will try to explain what it is going on with this scenario (anyway I
think you understood).

1. an user logs in the site using
2. the user gets a flex component in the site's page. The flex component is
compiled to point to .com services.
3. the flex component asks a specific service to the back-end which consults
if this user has a wicket session, it fails.

The user has never change the tab which is using.

He has a cookie because he is accessing to the site using the same tab.
Thus, it shouldnt have been any problem.

On the another hand, I have set up the server with two dns manager, one for
each domain.

|     a page (from      |
|                                          |
|        ------------------------ ------   |
|        |  a flex component |     |
|        |  (connects .com)  |     |

MessageBrokerServlet, flex component back end, which needs
wicketSessionFilter to verify user authentication.
WicketSessionServletFilter which "injects" the session into

flex client   -------> MessageBrokerServlet through .com
the page    --------> WicketFilter through

I know the cookie should be the same because they are in the same tab, but
it is also truth that they connect using differents domains.

The message log4j sends to me it is clear. It couldnt reach the session.

Thanks anyway.

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 9:30 AM, bgooren <> wrote:

> Did you check if a session is actually created, e.g. do you see a cookie?
> I cannot imagine that if you use the exact same flow, and the only
> difference is the domain name, it would work in the one case but not the
> other.
> What happens exactly? Getting the session returns null?
> I suggest you try a debugger for finding out what's happening inside the
> WicketSessionFilter.
> Fernando Wermus-2 wrote:
> >
> > Bas,
> >      What I actually did was to login in .com and test the servlet I
> > mentioned you. Then I logged out and logged in the site using
> > again.
> > This second time failed. In this case, it seems that I am  using
> different
> > cookies and it shouldn't to affect if I get the session.
> >
> > To be more specific,
> >
> > I have some embeded flex clients which connects to Blazeds. I need to get
> > wicket session to know who has logged in using wicket front end. Each
> flex
> > client has been compiled using a specific url from the site. The servlet
> > that is in charge is messageBroker that delegates to a class of my own
> the
> > service called.There it is where I couldnt get the session when the user
> > logged in to a specific domain.
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
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