I'm now using @RequireHttps to switch to https on certain pages but it's not
quite working right.

In our storefront app, I'm switching to https at the point in the checkout
process where you view your cart, and then proceed to a page to either login
or create an account.  When I submit my username and password, the
validation fires as if I entered nothing into the form.  Enter it a second
time and it works - the validation doesn't trigger.  Everything was entered
correctly the first time around...so it's as if the form is being posted on
its own, when the page loads?  Every page with @RequireHttps that has a
form, does this.

What do I need to do to change to accommodate validation under @RequireHttps

Currently you just see a lot of forms w/ fields like this:

add(new TextField("username").setRequired(true));

...with a pretty common feedback panel:

            <div id="feedbackPanel">
              <span wicket:id="feedbackPanel" class="warning" />



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