But it is odd if setRedirect(true) didn't work when using a page instance. I wonder if the there is an issue with HybridUrlCodingStrategy and RequireHttps... can you mount the page you redirect to using a simple bookmarkable page and see if it works?

I also noticed you have a method on your BasePage class called redirect(url) that disables wicket redirect... does that get called when you use setRedirect(true)?

VGJ wrote:
Jason...excellent!  setResponsePage(UserAccount.class) did the trick!
Thanks!  Using setRedirect(true) didn't have any effect however.  I had to
redirect to the page class rather than a new instance of it.

This works for me right now...but what happens when I'd like to pass
parameters into the constructor of the page I'm redirecting to?

Jason Lea

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