Here are a couple of things to try...

@RequireHttps checks when the request comes into wicket and issues a redirect if it is on the wrong protocol.

I wonder if it is because you are using setResponsePage(new ContactInfo()); without a redirect, so the @RequireHttps annotation is not checked but the page still renders. When you do actually submit the form on the page, wicket can then process the @RequireHttps annotation and redirects to the page and maybe loses the posted form values?

If this was happening you would probably see url has not changed from http to https.

Try adding setRedirect(true) or better yet use the setResponsePage(ContactInfo.class); method instead which will do a redirect for you.

If the problem is still occuring, try the HttpFox plugin and look at the requests and redirects that occur and see if it does issue redirects to change to https somewhere. The other place redirects occur is with your use of HybridUrlCodingStrategy... try a different strategy to see if that causes the problem to go away.

If there are still problems, you could check the session id to make sure it is not being lost when switching from http->https (HttpFox is good for seeing the cookies, and see if the jsessionid cookie changed or not)

VGJ wrote:
I see, I guess I misunderstood you.  I wasn't able to reproduce it in a
separate test application, however.  It has to be encountering something in
this particular application that is causing a problem.  I just can't figure
out what that might be, exactly.

I would submit the small test case I made but it works just fine.  I can't
submit the application with the issue I've described, it's company code.


Jason Lea

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