Hi James,

> Why is spring-orm version 3.0.1.RELEASE and not 3.0.3.RELEASE?  Why
> not just uset a {spring.version} property in your POM so that it all
> stays in synch?

Thanks for your good advice. I've updated the tutorial.

> Why do you have page -> service -> dao?  Why not just talk directly to
> the DAO for the getAll() method.  This level of indirection just
> causes more code (and confusion) in your simple example.  Is this just
> a "best practice" that you've devised?  I've never really understood
> folks' aversion to talking to the DAOs from the view layer, especially
> when it means you have to have duplicate methods in your service layer
> to do so.  It just doesn't make sense to me.

I agree that if the service is simply delegating to the DAO without
adding anything, then it is probably be a good idea to merge them.
However, this sample application is meant to demonstrate how to do
it in a general case where the service does more than simple delegation.

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