The reaction comes from years of watching UI centric people, who have a
different design goal, use dao code poorly; and then watching dao type
people use UI code poorly.

I guess I view the layering as inevitable.  Even if it is as simple as
moving a tag, I am not sure I want anyone to have that choice. 

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On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 12:06 PM, Tim L Casey <> wrote:
> That’s ok.  I never understood folks who don’t use layers.

I do use layers, when it makes sense.  It's just a matter of taste, I
guess.  Some folks like to stick with their paradigm no matter what.
I guess I've just become a bit more flexible when it turns out to save
me some code (like having pass-through methods just to have them).  If
I need to introduce some logic in between my view/data layers later, I
can easily do so.  Using services too much is a symptom of an "anemic"
domain model.

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