Can someone point me the right direction.

I have a search panel that does a look up and renders a resultsPanel. I
don't use detachable model here and used PageableListView
On the resultsPanel,onClick, I use the hibernate entity and pass it as a
model to the DetailsPanel. The detailsPanel renders it right no issue here.

Now When I hit the New button(acutally after I click cancel button on
Details, the details panel is set to visible=false).  on the search, I
expect to see a fresh page in details panel, but
the details panel uses the old values I selected and renders it.

This is what I do on onNew submit button.

I reset the model and set it to the form which should call


        studyModel = new StudyModel();
        studyModel.setStudy(new Study());

After onNew is executed, I don't see the model being updated. A bit lost
here, any ideas?

Thanks again

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