Hi all, my first mail here, glad to join your community!

I want to do the following:

Create a panel that will be rendered as a box with rounded corners. I dont want 
it to have it's inner components predefined in its class but dynamically adding 
them on each page the panel is present. I wish I could have its html file 
containg something like <wicket:extend /> and put there the markup defined when 
used in pages. 

Since I dont understand my own words so far, I'll give an example:

<div class="Foo">
   [other ui stuff here]
   <wicket:extend />

CustomPanel pnl = new CustomPanel("pnl");
pnl.add(new Label("test-lbl", "Tadaaa"));

<span wicket:id="pnl">
    <span wicket:id="test-lbl">

I want the page rendered having the label inside the custom panel without 
having to implicitly create another panel extending the CustomPanel.

So, if you understood this and have any ideas, let me know.

Greetings from Greece,

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