I am curious too. For this reason we had to build our logoutpage so
that it invalidtes session logically but not in httpsession sense.

Only clicking something from login page will do that.

But it's a hack, I would like to know what's the proper way ;)


2010/12/1 Matthias Keller <matthias.kel...@ergon.ch>:
> Hi
> I've got the following problem:
> After a user completes a wizard, he sees a last confirmation page containing
> some data, thus it must be a stateful page called by the following code from
> the wizard:
>> setResponsePage(new ConfirmationPage(myBean));
> This ConfirmationPage must only be displayed once, thus if the user does a
> refresh it must not be available anymore.
> I expected that I would be able to call  session.invalidate() from somewhere
> within the ConfirmationPage's onAfterRender or onDetach methods.
> Unfortunately, whenever I do this, the user is automatically redirected to
> the home page without a trace in the logs....
> Any idea how to do that?
> Thanks
> Matt

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