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Yes it appears to have something to do with that. Our app uses the REDIRECT_BUFFER by default (we never actively configured this though) which appears to be a sensible option for normal operation. I'm not very familiar with the render strategies but you appear to be right: The page is actually rendered at the end of the previous request where the session is invalidated too. Then a redirect happens to the pre-rendered page which fails because the Session is already gone...

Is there any hook that will be called at the end of the second request serving the pre-rendered content? I found a workaround for the moment: In the previous page, I explicitly set setRedirect(false); but this has the consequence that if the user hits reload on the confirmation page, he will first be asked about resending the POST parameters...

Anything we could do to invalidate the session at the end of the serving of the prerendered page?

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On 2010-12-01 20:44, Randy S. wrote:
Does the redirect to the home page happen because of Wicket's default render
strategy (REDIRECT_TO_BUFFER) that causes two requests?  You invalidate
session on the first which redirects to the buffered response. When the
second request comes in expecting to get the already-rendered response, you
get a new session.

On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 11:53 AM, Martin Makundi<
martin.maku...@koodaripalvelut.com>  wrote:


I am curious too. For this reason we had to build our logoutpage so
that it invalidtes session logically but not in httpsession sense.

Only clicking something from login page will do that.

But it's a hack, I would like to know what's the proper way ;)


2010/12/1 Matthias Keller<matthias.kel...@ergon.ch>:

I've got the following problem:
After a user completes a wizard, he sees a last confirmation page
some data, thus it must be a stateful page called by the following code
the wizard:
setResponsePage(new ConfirmationPage(myBean));
This ConfirmationPage must only be displayed once, thus if the user does
refresh it must not be available anymore.
I expected that I would be able to call  session.invalidate() from
within the ConfirmationPage's onAfterRender or onDetach methods.
Unfortunately, whenever I do this, the user is automatically redirected
the home page without a trace in the logs....
Any idea how to do that?



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