Yes I was looking at jolira tools, but I get the exception ""unable to find
component .... "" and looking at the source:
final Component component = page.get(pageRelativeComponentPath); 
if (component == null) {
            throw new WicketRuntimeException("unable to find component with
path "
                            + pageRelativeComponentPath
                            + " on stateless page "
                            + page
                            + " it could be that the component is inside a
repeater make your component return false in getStatelessHint()");

and yes I'm using it inside a ListView, so this means that
StatelessAjaxFallbackLink cannot be used inside a repeater(and have a
stateless page)?

Martin I see that you have not replaced StatelessWebRequestCodingStrategy in
your . So the problem with the ajax
link in the repeater remains?

I'm trying to understand if there is a known case of not using
StatelessAjaxFallbackLink inside repeaters. Or is it somehow my fault? My
repeater model does not change beetween renderings so the
pageRelativeComponentPath should be the same.

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