Hello everybody.
It is indeed as Robert is saying. And after changing the code, it works
        Component component = page.get(pageRelativeComponentPath);

        // See {@link
        // We make have to try to look for the component twice, if we hit
        // same condition.
        if (component == null) {
            component = page.get(pageRelativeComponentPath);
            //Component no longer null

Looking at "BookmarkableListenerInterfaceRequestTarget#processEvents" we
find the comment:
"this is quite a hack to get components in repeater work. But it still can
fail if the repeater is a paging one or on every render it will generate new
index for the items..."

I was trying to implement a comment system for articles. The stateless ajax
buttons would be reply buttons for comments that can span multi levels. I
can't feel confident that the comment hierarchy will not change by the time
the user clicks reply. Currently I'm thinking of moving the reply as a
behaviour outside the repeater, and use JQuery to pass the comment id to
that behaviour so I can know to which comment the user is replying.

Thanks everybody.

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