IMHO, your post looks at the wrong question (i.e., is Wicket perfect?). Of 
course it's not. No framework is.

A better question is: How does it compare to OTHER frameworks? This is 
subjective of course, but in my personal opinion it is far better than any 
other framework I've tried (Struts, JSP, ColdFusion, etc.).  Yes, it has a 
learning curve, but so does any framework.

Where I DO agree with you is that the documentation can be improved. But 
from what I've seen, it's improving as it matures.

"RAM /abr./: Rarely Adequate Memory." 

From:   geraldkw <>
Date:   11/17/2011 02:54 PM
Subject:        Re: Apache Wicket is a Flawed Framework

"This is not an april fool's day, it is just an opinion of an 
developer. "

This illustrates one of the traditional logical fallacies. If you can't
effectively attack the argument, attack the speaker.

My biggest problem with Wicket is that I haven't found any documentation 
the web that really lets me get a solid grasp on the key concepts. I read 
lot of poorly written "documentation", weak examples and forum posts 
with something that is only vaguely related to my goals, maybe learn a
fragment of useful info, and then suffer while trying to apply it.

I haven't looked a Wicket in Action or other Wicket Books, but I have not
heard good things. Also, this is the Internet Age and this is web
programming. I have no problem finding documentation on other web
programming languages/frameworks like I do with Wicket. 

If I am wrong, point me to some solid learning materials, and you stand a
chance of changing my mind.


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