I have tried out the Wicket framework and many things I really like about it.
Some observations:

- Wicket changes drastically between versions, and even between minor
versions / release candidates, things suddenly disappear from the API,
sometimes without having been flagged as deprecated ;

- as a result, many times the example code you find on the web or in books
like 'Wicket in Action' does no longer work as is

- the Javadoc of the source is quite OK for some classes, but for the great
majority any textual explanations there are either sparse or absent

- luckily the mailing list is nothing short of fantastic !

- I agree that it is rather too easy for Wicket to make things stateful,
when you don't want it

- and in my opinion the stuff you need to do to achieve "normal" URLs (no ?,
no version number, no nothing) is just a pain. *Every* URL, for stateless or
stateless pages or whatever, should be "normal", otherwise it is just not
acceptable -- users never want to see those complicated-looking URLs under
any circumstance

- did not yet try out Ajax with Wicket, so I have no opinion on that

Just my 2¢. In all, a great framework that is much easier to use than e.g.
things based on JSP. Keep up the good work, guys !

Kind regards
Heikki Doeleman

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